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About World Chillout Band Singapore

World Chillout Band Singapore’s main aim is to produce music from the heart. Taking inspiration from things such as nature and the universe, mixed with the soft sounds of acoustic instruments and electro beats produces a truly unique sound. Mix all of this with the use of the didgeridoo and you have an act never to be forgotten.

World Chillout Band Singapore mixes their music with visual mediums to truly create a 360 degree experience. Combining art, dance, visual arts and even yoga! World Chillout Band Singapore really do take music and make it art.

Can play world music combining electronic beats and acoustic instruments

Can play as a 3 piece or a 4 piece band.

Suitable for festivals, events that require original music, clients that want something very different and relaxed but not overwhelming.

We can play up to 2 sets of 40 – 45 mins

We are musicians and can combine chill-out electronic beats with acoustic instruments. We love all the positive vibrations from playing at festivals.

“I love the original organic sound, the music is beautiful and the melodies are incredible. You guys are very unique. I felt like I was being hypnotized by this incredible performance!”

Henry P

The most amazing show we could have asked for! There wasn’t a single person here who wasn’t enthralled by your sound.”

Teo K-V

“The sound you create is nothing short of spell binding! Your passion, skill and rapport shone through in the music you were playing. “

Sian L

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