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FourFront are a pair of brothers who play a magical and emotional violin based show of classical music with a twist. A really classy duo who charm and move audiences with their sounds, twin brothers Walter and Wagner make a fine soundtrack for a range of wedding events, private of public functions or anything else. Growing up in the violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro, these twin brothers found solace in classical music on violins their father handmade. Their love of music and desire to positively impact the world led them on a wild ride to the United States, in pursuit of the biggest stages in the world.

A combination of unique and talented individuals, the FourFront have been exciting audiences worldwide with their distinctive appearance, engaging performances and charismatic on-stage persona. Rather than focus on one particular sound or genre, the group has received wide acclaim for their attention to delivering strong entertainment value, regardless of musical preference. They continue to turn heads wherever they perform by offering something for everyone, so no matter if you have young audiences, old audiences, need soft background music or stirring sounds to get people dancing, FourFront can make it happen for you.

90 minute strolling acoustic duo
45-180 minute corporate background music with/without vocal
45-180 min engaging mid-energy
45-180 min high-energy center stage festival show

From the slums of Brazil with nothing but a dream, we're following that dream to the largest stages in the world. At the end of the day, we just want to make people happy.

“FourFront! Fantastic!”

-Former President of Brazil, Lula Da Silva

“They had so much fun on stage, it was so POSITIVE. And that’s refreshing. These guys get up on stage to entertain!“

Cliff T

“Awesome interaction and they are a huge hit off-stage as well, spending more than an hour high-fiving, hugging, and taking pictures with guests.”

Brittany F

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