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One Step Behind are the only Madness tribute band to book! They are not only the most authentic, longest running and most talented, they are also by far the most successful. Formed in 1993 One Step Behind’s popularity quickly grew and as a result the band have played at very prestigious venues across the UK including The Marquee Club and The Venue both in London.

However this was just the start of the band’s success, with the tribute band having played alongside the real members of Madness. Alongside playing with the real Madness the band have given One Step Behind fantastic acclaim with sax player Lee Thompson saying the band are “single handily keeping the good ship of Madness afloat”. This has also been followed by the one and only Suggs who when playing at the Manchester G-Mex sauntered up to the microphone and exclaimed “By the way we’re Madness, not One Step Behind”, it is clear that One Step Behind have gained the respect and admiration of their idols.

As well as this, One Step Behind have also appeared a number of times on Television. Ian Soulsby (the lead singer) has appeared on ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ and the whole band featured on Ant & Dec’s SMTV live.

And it doesn’t stop there! One Step Behind also performed at Hyde Park for the 2006 BBC Proms Party. They played in front of a crowd of 50,000 and a television audience of millions. You can see One Step Behinds performances in Hyde Park in their video section.

One Step Behind pride themselves on portraying the spirit of Madness perfectly and strive to create that ‘Nutty’ atmosphere which made Madness so popular, they do this through their hilarious on-stage antics. One Step Behind are guaranteed to make your event an event never to be forgotten.

Can play 2 x 45 minute sets

Or, 1 x 90 minute set

We all grew up loving Madness, and we now fully consider ourselves living the dream as the number one Madness tribute band on offer. We never expected to get this far, but now we have, all we can say is it is amazing. We're just 6 guys having the time of our lives.

“You are single handily keeping the good ship of Madness afloat”

Lee Thompson (Sax Player for Madness)

“That’s exactly what we used to be like – you’ve got it to a tee!”

Dan “Woody” Woodgate (Drummer for Madness)

“Brilliant tribute band. This is their fourth appearance here and the place is packed again!”

Roz, Marquee Club, London (Capacity 1200)

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