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About Fabulous Sheikhs

The Fabulous Sheiks present a wholly original concept: Gentrified Rock and Pop in a 1920’s fashion.Striking out with hotsy-totsy, modern vigour they reignite the soul of the Ritz and the wild style of the Flappers.

A band of esteemed professionals who offer the hits of today with lashings of 20’s style and gentrified contemporary Pop. This roaring band exemplifies the eccentricity and sparkle of 1920s British style and rhythm.

  • Up to 2hrs tailored to requirement.

"We grab the pop and rock hits of today by the scruff of the neck and give them a good old shake down and a make-over, transforming them into roaring vintage jazz extravaganzas. There is no other band with the same daring sense of style."

“The Sheikhs really surprised everyone at the party. I don’t think anyone quite expected it! Truly unique!”

John Matthews

” Everyone delighted with the act. Excited about further shows.”

Pat Butch

“They never fail to disappoint and always get great reviews from our clients!”

Mark Howard, Event Planner

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