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Lightning String Sensation took up the violin from the age of 9 in the local Music School in Rotterdam. After 6 years of violin lessons she earned a place at the Conservatory of Rotterdam where she studied classical music with teacher Thijs Kramer. In July 2010 she graduated as Bachelor of Music with the outstanding grade 9.0.

Throughout her young age Lightning String Sensation played in many orchestras whilst fulfilling principal functions as violinist and violist. For 3 years she was the concertmaster of the Youth Orchestra in the Netherlands.
Her success earned her many awards in various music competitions. It was during this classical period Lightning String Sensation attended many master classes featuring famous classical musicians like Ivry Gitlis, Daniel Rowland, Henk Guittart and many more.

After earning an excellent rapport within the classical scene, Lightning String Sensation chose to become an electric violinist and incorporate Pop Music and cross-over genres. Lightning String Sensation has played as a soloist with orchestras (playing classical and popular music), stood as main-artist in the line-up of Symphony31 in Ahoy Rotterdam (besides names as Candy Dulfer and Jocelyn Brown) and has performed in many events across the globe.
Nowadays Lightning String Sensation performs as electric violinist with her solo shows, much like Vanessa Mae, but also in the electric violin duo ‘String Cats’

  • Electric violin show (5-20 minutes max)
  • This show is both possible on stage as well as on any other location. Lightning String Sensation is flexible and moves, dances and walks while playing. By playing for and with the guests this show is high-entertainment.
  • Improvising with DJ (within 2 hours, 2 sets of 20-30 minutes)

"Music has no boundaries and must be enjoyed by everyone. By mixing different styles and create cross-overs is what I see as making and enjoying music. Playing on the electric violin cross-over shows takes away all boundaries and makes me feel most near to music."

“Lightning String Sensation is the Dutch Vanessa Mae…”

Derek Upshon

“The energy and emotion Lightning String Sensation can give with her shows is unlike any other and moved us and our guests to higher spheres.”

Maya Radcliffe

“Elegant, full of energy and with lots of style.”

Kris Rimmer

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