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About Aerial Mirabelle

A versatile violin act never seen before, Aerial Mirabelle is on a mission to explore the depths of her violin and aerialist talents. She has previously collaborated with Arbor Circus, Inverted Dance Company and musical acts from all over the world, such as Muse and Antonio Forcione.

More recently she has been exploring creative avenues in electronic music by working on a loop pedal set. She has also performed at some of the world’s most iconic venues including Glastonbury and the O2. In addition, Aerial Mirabelle has also created the world’s first mirrorball violin act, an aerial violin act and LED act. When not performing, Aerial Mirabelle is at home creating new innovative acts which will entertain all.

  •  Mirabelle: 6 min stage show and/or up to 2 x 40 min ambient violin set
  • LED up to 3 x 40 min electric violin set playing to house music
  • Aerial violin: 1 x 15 min act and up to 2 x 40 min ambient floor set (please note, a rigger will be required)

I create and perform music including the mirrorball electric violin act, Aerial Mirabelle who performs 'A Brief History of Dance Music' a 6 minute musical journey through time. I love doing it because music is my soul and performing great shows to people gives me the best satisfaction in the world.  

“A great performance. Exactly what I was looking for”

Sam Taylor - Big Group Events

“Thank you for your cooperation and success for a smooth new Cayenne Launch event yesterday evening in Kuwait”

Porsche Middle East

“Elegant and beautiful”

Albert Roux

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