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About Smooth Tones

Smooth Tones are one of Russia’s première piano and vocal duos. They have both studied music at their local music college and have also worked as music teachers, teaching ensemble and improvisational techniques. They have both performed in a variety of different bands until finally starting to settle down and perform together as a duo.

The Smooth Tones have a vast repertoire under their belts, enough to play for up to 4 x 45 minute sets in a night without the need of repeating songs. Their back catalogue contains a broad range of Jazz classics right through to Pop standards, they can even perform original songs and perform stunning renditions of well know pieces in their own style.

  • Can perform for long contracts as well as individual bookings
  • Set lengths 4 x 45 minutes

We play jazz standards, world hit songs and modern pop music in a lounge and electronic styles. We love jazz and good music so we love to perform and share it with other people.

“They perform music very sensitively. It looks like they really love what they do”

Raymond Dean

“I love this duo! My soul is satisfied when I listen them”

Harriet Bower

“Roman and Julia were the pearl of our restaurant. A lot of customers come back again and again only to listen to them.”

Denis Matveyev

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