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Guido Mallardi is a complete musician with an eclectic artistic personality as well as a passion for inventing and researching new methods to teach and compose music. His repertoire is full of skills with influences from various oriental music disciplines.

As an Italian pianist and composer, Guido graduated in both faculties with distinction (Piano post-MA and Composition BA at Conservatoire of Fermo, Italy in 2006), and was the winner of ‘On Piano Creativity’, a Permanent International Contest and scholarship in 2000.

His performances in Italy and abroad have helped him amass great success as a very communicative and charming musician. His range of music includes compositions from Bach to Ligeti as well as his own experimental music.

In 1998 he was the first pianist to perform two pianos of Gyorgy Ligeti’s works in Italy. His numerous experiences with improvisation and experimentation in various genres like modern classic, ambient, jazz and psychedelic led him to create a new unheard of style he called Narf, a kind of inside-impressionism characterized by minimal tones and construct.

Guido has been recognised by great worldwide personalities such as Héctor Ulises Passarella, Rodion Shchedrin, Frederic Rzewski, Piero Rattalino, Yoshiko Okada and others, as a fine composer and a pianist.

His training for composition skills were with the talented Marco Di Bari and he also studied with Michele Ignelzi for analysis at the Conservatoire of Fermo. Guido has shared his musical knowledge over the years, teaching classical, jazz and pop music in many Italian private schools since 2000. He delivers courses dealing with piano, theory, composition, harmony, arrangement, counterpoint and improvisation.

In 2008 he started using a new method he invented and defined as Analogic, for a development of human inner skills and consciousness through music, trying to describe music as a map of symbols and archetypes, which can be applied to composition, analysis and performing techniques.

Among his many past successes, Guido’s main achievement in music education and art was the creation of the Brainarm method, which allows non-musicians to compose high quality music through tutoring, with absolutely no need of any theory or technique knowledge.

  • Can perform in all manner of venues from hotels to concert halls
  • Ambient piano: ambient-pop, romantic jazz and crossover styles
  • Wedding classical music
  • Minimal, neo­romantic and ambient/pop repertoire
  • Classical and/or jazz/pop/ambient music for hotels

Professional, qualified (piano MA and composition BA) and awarded pianist. Appreciated by some great worldwide music personalities. His repertoire includes classical, modern, jazz, stomp, ragtime, popminimal, ambient, neoromantic and his own music. He composes for soloists, bands, ensembles and orchestra. Music is a microcosm, the musician its god.  

“His music was absolutely perfect and created a magical atmosphere. I appreciated his work, you were fantastic. Thank You!”

Fabio L

“A very prepared and experienced musician, whose passion flew me up to the clouds…”

Terry P

“Highly professional service! All requests were met without hesitation. Very qualified and experienced pianist.”

Gail P

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