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At the young age of 19, British pianist David Schofield had his prestigious Carnegie Hall debut. Since then, Schofield has had numerous engagements across the United Kingdom, Europe, Ukraine, United States of America and Canada. David is best known for his fresh and colourful interpretations of the piano repertoire, as well as his unrivalled passionate energy and personality. With his killer personality and musical prowess, David is fast becoming one of the UK’s best crossover artists.

Recently, David’s performances have been broadcast on BBC television and radio along with live performances across London’s West End, the London Olympic Games and London’s Tower Bridge. In 2014 David partnered up with Daniel Parkinson and the RNCM orchestra and were broadcast on Classic FM shortly after being awarded a Number 1 in the iTunes Classical Charts. His unique approach to the piano has meant that his music has reached a diverse range of people, from the best concert pianists in the world right to well-known TV personalities and celebrities. David Schofield is the most fitting performer for any event that requires a cool classical musician with a great crossover twist!

Option A: solo with orchestral tracks

Option B: accompanied by live string orchestra

Since having my Carnegie Hall debut at the early age of 19, I have had wowed audiences across the United Kingdom, Europe, Ukraine, United States of America and Canada.


Classic FM


James Caan - Dragons Den

Astonishing Keyboard Pyrotechnics

Buxton Fringe Festival

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