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Ultimate Drumming DJ is a trained percussionist and has been honing his art for over 19 years. He has taken percussion to the next level by designing and creating the first ever MIDI controlled visual DJ drumming rig, by hand. The rig combines visuals and audio into a one of a kind unique sensory overload.

Ultimate Drumming DJ is a highly entertaining, highly skilled and highly versatile DJ experience. With well over 2000 performances under his belt in the nightclub industry alone and has flown around the world on a regular basis to perform alongside the likes of Danny Howard, Tinie Tempah, Example and Professor Green.

Ultimate Drumming DJ has had such success that he embarked on a UK tour with DJ Fresh this summer. This is act is so unique and mind blowing that it is not to be missed.

  • 1 x 40 minute show with Singer/MC & projection screen
  • 1 x 40 minute Full Live show with MC, Singer, LED Trumpet & LED Sax


Ultimate Drumming DJ has trained as a percussionist for 19 years and has taken his profession to the next level by designing and hand crafting the first ever MIDI controlled Visual DJ Rig, which triggers audio and visuals live for a incomparable sensory overload.

“You’re act is absolutely brilliantly timed, you’re like a showman. I really, really like it and I really, really like you.”

Simon Cowell

“Without a doubt the most entertaining musician on the Island, incredibly professional and knows how to work the crowd like no one I’ve ever seen before.”

Es Paradis

“I really want Ultimate Drumming DJ to play at my wedding he’s wicked. I think he has a massive career ahead of him as a superstar club DJ.”

Amy Childs

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