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Acting as the bridge between live music and DJing, David Drummer really brings out the best of both worlds. Due to his performance which can only be describes as ‘unlike no other’, David has been named as the official EDM drummer.

Based in Miami, David will get up on stage with any DJ and perform his intense and gritty hard rock drum style to a groovy modern electro set, the mixture of which takes the audience on a journey of musical ecstasy.

  • Regular Drumming Performance
  • With LED Drums OR LED Helmet
  • With LED Drums AND LED Helmet
  • With Full LED Robot Suit
  • With Full LED Robot Suit and LED Drums

Music runs in my veins and rhythm pumps my heart. Music is my life and performing is how i express myself. Ever heard the quote "Without music life would be a mistake". I can't imagine my life without music.

“I can’t seem to stop dancing when you play!”

Amy Greene

“The music sounds better with you performing. Otherwise I’m bored.”

Andy Adams

“I love how you play, can I book you to play at drum circle for me and my friends? I know there’s dozens of people with drums there but we want you.”

Darren Fielder

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