Take Centre Stage… Red Not Chili Peppers


The Red Not Chili Peppers are an excellent four piece tribute act and the ultimate homage to the world’s funkiest rock band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Red Not Chili Peppers perfectly recreate the magic of their live shows with their own versions of the classics. The group has played many of the UK’s most celebrated concert halls as well as every major tribute festival, and with their peerless devotion to creating the ultimate Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute act they are second to none.

Interview with bass player Jonathon.

Hi there, how are you today?
Excellent, thanks for asking!

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe yourself?
Self-motivated entrepreneur in the music industry. Production, event creation, consulting, talent buying, band management, marketing, and PR. Small events to 8,000 person music festivals.

How did the band form? Where have you all come from?
I created the band on craigslist with local musicians, built a business around the band, and did several rounds of hiring and firing over 6 years to obtain the best possible musicians for the project. The current line-up consists of musicians from Italy, Indiana, Vermont and Los Angeles.

What is it about RHCP that inspired you to form the group?
RHCP and Flea is the reason I picked up the bass guitar at 14 years old. Before that time I was bouncing through instruments since starting the piano at 6, and didn’t know which instrument spoke to me until the release of BSSM.

Has the RHCP sound inspired you to create your own music?
Yes, I have played in many original bands over the years which had bass lines with RHCP inspiration.

Is there a song you enjoy playing the most and why?
“Taste the Pain” .. Old school funk at it’s best, and the kind of song where you can look out into the crowd and pick out the true long-time Chili fans.

Have you ever met the real deal? If so, what did they think of you?

Our drummer became a finalist for Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats drum contest and was reviewed by Chad on the drum channel. Our guitarist has also met Flea. Nobody has mentioned the tribute band, we doubt they care, but we know they’ve heard of us. I’m sure it’s flattering for them, especially to have one of the top tributes in the world in their home-town and doing their music proper justice in major venues across the US and abroad. I also bet they dig the name!

What do you hope to bring to your audience? How do you want them to remember you?
We bring a unique show every night. A completely organic live music experience where every solo is different and every moment will never be recreated. We believe this is the true reason why people make the effort to see live music, and it’s what sets us apart from most tributes out on the circuit. Improve and energy mixed with some of the best hits ever written.

What has been the most memorable venue/ performance so far?
Likely the Viper Room performing with James Slovak, Hillel Slovak’s younger brother, in the crowd. You could tell how special the show was for him, and how the Chili’s music is something sacred to him by seeing his brother’s legacy and voice continue even so many years after he passed. It was something we all felt that night.

Do you have any information regarding any upcoming shows that you’d like to share?
We are constantly exploring new markets and revisiting markets that treat us so well. We’ll be back in Japan in the Spring and are working hard to make it to Italy in the Summer of 2016. There will always be more demand for the Chilis than the band could ever fulfill, and we will always be working hard to fill that void both using sincere passion and energy to people around the world. Luckily we are all addicted to music and travel, and we will continue to spread the love for the Chili’s as far and wide as possible.

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