Take Centre Stage… The Rat Pack Relived


The Rat Pack Relived are one of the leading tributes to the Rat Pack. Their performances will take you back to the golden years and immerse you in the smooth sounds of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davies Jnr. The Rat Pack Relived have successfully sold out venues all over Europe for the past five years with their fantastic live show featuring unforgettable songs, dynamic arrangements and professional entertainment. Each member captures their respective character’s persona and charisma, right down to the voice and swagger!

Hi there, how are you today?
It’s been a long, very busy summer but we are all great thank you!

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe yourself?

We are three guys recreating the golden era of music with three of the world’s most iconic entertainment figures, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jnr. We really bring the Rat Pack to life; it’s all about the music, the humour and the fun.

How did the band form? Where have you all come from?
We were all musicians in our own right but didn’t know each other. A set of fairly random circumstances brought us all together. We are all from the UK but had also all lived abroad for some years.

What is it about the Rat Pack that inspires you?

The Rat Pack performances were just so great – three guys at the absolute pinnacle of their careers with nothing to prove so they just relaxed and had fun on stage, with each other and some of the greatest music ever written. They all oozed talent and class and that’s what we always strive to deliver – elegant accurate performances every time.

Is there a song you enjoy playing the most and why?
We all have favourite songs and our favourites change as we add new material. We really enjoy the duets ands trios – especially songs that virtually no-one else is doing like “Did You Evah” from High Society and “Together Wherever We Go” from Gipsy. Our “My Way” in three-part harmony is very emotional and always receives a tremendous response.

What key pieces of gear do you use for your live shows? Do you have any ‘special’ or unique instruments, props or costumes?

We always use top quality equipment so that the sound is perfect. We all use Sennheiser radio mics – you can’t beat the warmth of the vocal sound they produce. We are all always immaculately dressed in our tuxedos. Sometimes we use a drinks trolley and some “booze” for effect.

How do you all get into character? Do you have any special ‘tricks?’
To be honest, we have performed the show so many times now that it is like flicking a switch. Once we are in character, we never, ever break role on stage. It is very important that the audience (and we) believe who we are. Whenever there is an American in the audience, they will inevitably come up and ask what part of the States we are from, so we know it’s convincing!

As with popular musicians there tends to be numerous tribute acts, how do you set yourselves apart from the other Rat Pack tributes?

When you see our show you immediately see the difference. The show is so polished and the vocal performances are so accurate that the audience is immediately drawn into the belief that they are watching the Rat Pack – not three guys “trying” to be the Rat Pack. We are all so relaxed with the content of the show and each other that it allows us to be exactly what was described above – three guys at the top of their game having fun in amongst the greatest music ever. We get a lot of comments about the wit and humour, because, as we are not thinking of the next line, we can react to everything going on around us – so you never see the same show twice (just like the originals!).

What do you hope to bring to your audience? How do you want them to remember you?
We want our audience to leave with big smiles on their faces, saying “what a fantastic night!”. Honestly, it is our aim to have at least 80% of the audience on their feet at the end and we very rarely fail.

What has been the most memorable venue/ performance so far?

We played the Malmo Jazz Festival in Sweden last summer with a tremendous 17 piece big band and the “Andrews Sisters” and that was a real blast. We also recently inaugurated the Casino on board the 5 Star Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar and it was a very cool elegant evening – very 60’s!

Do you have any information regarding any upcoming shows that you’d like to share?
We are available throughout the year and we are perfect for every event – corporate, private, weddings, themed restaurant nights etc. With The Rat Pack Relived you are guaranteed a helluva party every time!
If you are looking to relive the golden age of The Rat Pack then head on over to The Rat Pack Relived artist page and enquire today!